What Types of Metals Set Off Metal Detectors?

What Types of Metals Set Off Metal Detectors
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Metal detectors are designed to pick up on multiple types of metals. This can be useful in most situations, but if you’re trying to find certain metals and you’re in an area that may come in contact with other metals, then this could be a disadvantage.

Metal detectors can quickly be set off by metals that are either in the surrounding area or by something that you’re wearing or carrying. If you want to avoid setting off your metal detector, then you need to dress appropriately and also keep in mind what other people may be carrying. So, what types of metals set off metal detectors?

Weapons and Tools

Keep in mind that any sort of weapon or tool may be able to set off metal detectors because they are usually crafted from metals that can quickly be picked up by the detector. This is a very common occurrence if you’re planning on using your metal detector in a busy place, so keep a lookout for guns, pocket knives, screws, bolts, etc.

If you would use your metal detector in an urban location, you may need to factor in that some construction may have occurred in that area, and the leftover materials could have fallen to the ground.

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One of the easiest ways a metal detector can go off is by picking up on wrappers like candy wrappers, food containers, foils, and even gum wrappers. Many of these wrappers contain aluminum foil, and aluminum will almost always be picked up by a metal detector. Thus, if you’re using your metal detector in a busy area, then you may want to consider the fact that there could be trash and other wrappers that may interfere with your ability to pick up on different types of metals.

One way to avoid this is to make sure you’re going to a place that has less litter on the ground, and that nearby stores and shops don’t wrap their food or products in foils. Instead, keep a lookout for plastic and cardboard containers and wrappers as this can help you not set off your metal detector.

Many manufacturers and businesses have become aware of this problem and have since then changed their packaging materials. This is really great for you because that means you will no longer have to worry about them interfering with your metal detector. An excellent way to check if stores have made the switch is by seeing when they were established and built.

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One of the other significant interferences when it comes to metal detectors is their ability to pick up on clothing items and accessories. You’d be surprised to learn that metal detectors are sensitive to underwire bras, jewelry, earrings, headbands, caps, hats, glasses, and belts.

Many of these clothing companies no longer use real metals in their clothing, so this helps. Still, you should avoid wearing any of these materials, and carefully check to see if any of these items contain silver, gold, aluminum, etc.

When searching for materials with a metal detector, you also should avoid areas that are crowded. The more people who are around you, the higher the chances that your metal detector will pick up on someone else’s clothing accessories.

Try to keep a lookout for these items on the ground and avoid areas where people are close to you. This can help you have a better time using a metal detector.


Lastly, one of the most common items that can set off metal detectors is a coin. Any type of coin will set off metal detectors, and it happens quite often. The good thing though is that you won’t see many people carrying around coins anymore because of the advancement of using debit and credit cards instead of physical money.

When using your metal detector, you may want to factor in the chance that you would run into a really old coin. The coins that were crafted 100 years ago or longer tend to have a higher concentration of real metals that can set off your metal detector, and they may be worth a lot of money, so don’t always rule out that coins aren’t worth picking up or collecting.

Final Thoughts

So, what types of metals set off metal detectors? Metal detectors can pick up and track many different kinds of metals, even in small concentrations. Hence, an excellent way to avoid your metal detector to set off falsely is by preventing crowded places that have a higher chance of you running into other people’s possessions.

You may need to head to a remote location and make sure that you did not bring anything that could interfere while you use your metal detector. Keep a lookout for trash and wrappers that contribute to set off your metal detector, and always make sure to avoid wearing or carrying anything that can set it off.

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