What is a Good Metal Detector to Start With?

What is a Good Metal Detector to Start With
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Metal detecting is a great hobby as you can find items that can have the potential to be worth a lot of money. The devices used for this activity, which are called metal detectors, can be used in parks, beaches, and urban areas. Using them require some knowledge since you need to adjust some settings, as well as a lot of patience.

Many metal detectors have the same functions and features, but sometimes it can be hard to learn each one of them if the product is too complicated. Generally, the basic design of metal detectors includes a coil, control box, and shaft. So, what is a good metal detector to start with?

What is a Good Metal Detector to Start With 2

What Should You Consider?

There are so many good metal detectors on the market. If you’re new to metal detecting and you’d like to get into professional metal detecting, then you may want to start out with a primary metal detector and work your way up to the fancier models. You’ll want to choose one that is reasonably priced, simple to read and change settings, and one that has enough reviews so that you can determine the pros and cons of the unit.

You may have many questions pertaining to which type of metal detector you should purchase for your beginning days. The answer to this is that you should look for a unit that meets the above criteria and to find one that also offers you enough settings that you want.

Each metal detector is designed differently, and while we do recommend finding one that is very simplistic in designs and settings, we can also suggest that you try and find one that suits your needs. Think about where you’re going to use it, what you’re hoping to find, and how long you’re going to use it. These can be important factors that can completely change the game when you’re out looking for items.

Control Features

Choosing a metal detector based on its control features would generally be about your personal preference. Some people find themselves more comfortable using buttons rather than a touchscreen, and that’s perfectly okay. You’ll probably be using your metal detector for long periods of time, so choose one that you’d feel more comfortable with.

There are also metal detectors that are designed with a knob function. This is designed for people who don’t want to get too technical when using their metal detector since you can easily adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector by switching the knob to a specific setting. If you feel like you want an easy way to change the setting, then a knob version may be a better pick for you.

What is a Good Metal Detector to Start With 3

Available Settings

When you’re looking for a metal detector, you would come across a lot of settings like sensitivity and discrimination. Sensitivity is a setting which allows you to adjust the balance between the depth of the object and the reliability of the signal. Basically, the higher you change the sensitivity, the further down you will be able to track an object.

The only issue with this is that the signal will become less reliable the higher you turn it up, which means that you may get false signals on an object or not have a good idea of where the object may be. An excellent way to change this is by testing items with your detector.

To do so, place an item that can usually be sensed by a metal detector underneath the ground and change the settings accordingly. This can help you understand the sensitivity of your metal detector.

On the other hand, discrimination is a way to determine what type of objects you want your metal detector to pick up on. If you turn discrimination up on your metal detector, chances are, you will not pick up iron, foil, and other objects. But, you may also miss out on sensing valuable objects.

It’s dependent on how much time you want to dedicate to finding objects. If you have more time in your day and don’t mind having a few hits or misses of objects, then discrimination can be significant for you. If you want to find items of value, then you may need to turn the discrimination down.


Metal detecting takes a deep understanding to find many objects of value. When you’re first starting out, you may not find anything of value because you’re just learning how to detect any objects. But, as time goes on and you get better, you’ll be more inclined to adjust the settings in a way that you can find higher valuable objects in a lesser amount of time.

As long as you put in the proper research in the types of environment where you need to use the metal detector and learned to tweak the detector’s settings, you would succeed in finding objects. Hopefully, we’ve answered, what is a good metal detector to start with.

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