Best Metal Detectors of 2018 Complete Reviews With Comparison

Best Metal Detectors of 2018 Complete Reviews With Comparison
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Metal detectors usually get a bad reputation because they aren’t very accurate at detecting items that are worth any money. Most of the time, individuals find themselves collecting a bunch of trash and rubbish that is found on the ground.

However, with the advancements in metal detecting technology, metal detectors are now able to distinguish between trash and treasures. This is through the ability to sense all types of metal objects or by looking for specific metals only. New metal detectors are designed to be easy to use, lightweight, portable, and accurate.

If you’d like to learn more about the best metal detectors, then keep reading because we’ll introduce you to the top five models on the market.

Comparison Chart

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange

INTEY Classic Metal Detector – Lightweight Gold Digger with Pinpoint Function

Kuman Pin pointer Water Resistant Metal Detectors with Holster 

Dostyle Super Security Scanner, Hand Held Metal Detectors with 16 LED Metal Indicator lights and Adjustable Sensitivity

Top 5 Metal Detectors Comparison

1. Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector

The Bounty Hunter TK4 tracker can detect all sorts of metals from brass, iron, steel, aluminum, gold and silver to any items that may be lurking outdoors. It is made to track coin-sized targets up to eight inches underground and larger targets that are at least two feet underground. Thus, this unit is recommended for searching coins, jewelry, relics, utilities, and hunting items.

Product Highlights

This metal detector has three modes of operation, two audio tones, and three-position mode switch. It comes with an easy-to-use control knob interface, which maximizes the depth of detection and can help you control the power and sensitivity. By changing these settings, the unit will not detect any unwanted objects or trash.

To quickly switch between both discrimination mode and all-metal mode, you just need to press a button. The tone modes will flick on and off depending on which one you toggle. Additionally, its eight-inch coil can be submerged in shallow water, and you can also plug a headphone into the speakers if you think you won’t be able to hear when the unit beeps.

What's to like about the Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector

We love that this unit is lightweight and easy to use, and its different settings allow you to customize it to fit precisely what metal you’re looking for. Just use the discrimination tool to help filter out the trash and other unwanted objects.

What's not to like about the Bounty Hunter TK4 Metal Detector

The only issue we’ve found with this model is that because it lacks pinpointers, it’s sometimes hard to determine where to dig. You’ll have to move the coil over the spot multiple times to get a precise reading on where the hidden object is.


  • check
    Rugged metal detector
  • check
    Works in extreme soil conditions
  • check
    Multiple modes and tones
  • check
    Neutralizes response


  • Hard to pinpoint objects

2. Best Waterproof Metal Detector: Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal Detector

The Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal Detector is designed to be submerged in water and has a bright orange color that makes it easy to see when you place it underwater. It’s intended to be used by those who are just starting out on using a metal detector and in almost any environment like the beach, lakes, or during rainy seasons.

Product Highlights

This metal detector is waterproof and can be submerged up to 10 feet underwater. It has three different levels of sensitivity which you can adjust to find smaller objects and metals. There is also a 360-degree scanning system, which can help you locate the direction of the item.

This metal detector can pinpoint multiple objects at once. You can also use its LED flashlight to help you locate the direction of the objects. Additionally, when you purchase this unit, you will get a 9V battery and a belt holster.

What's to like about the Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal Detector

We love that this device is tiny and compact. Also, its orange design makes it easy to keep track of when you submerge it into the water. Additionally, we also like the three different sensitivities because it can help you locate small objects and determine if they are junk or not worth digging up.

What's not to like about the Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal Detector

The only issue is that because this unit is so small, you may have a hard time detecting items if the unit is relatively close to the object you’re looking for. This means that you should expect to be at least two feet near the object.


  • check
  • check
    High sensitivity
  • check
    Fast retune
  • check
    Beginner-level design
  • check
    Detects small items


  • Short range

3. Best Metal Detector for Beginners: INTEY Classic Metal Detector

The INTEY Classic Metal Detector is an all-terrain metal detector that gives you access to exclusive technology for hunting objects in any environment or weather. It’s designed to find coins, caches, jewelry, relics, gold, and other metals. This metal detector can be used on the beach, in sand, snow, and even underwater.

Product Highlights

This metal detector has two separate modes that can help you detect items better. The first mode is an all-metal mode which allows you to detect pure metal objects only. The second mode is called discrimination mode which will discriminate against one type of metal.

The INTEY Classic Metal Detector is crafted to be highly sensitive so that you’ll have an easier time finding metals. It also has a pinpoint function which allows you to easily locate where an object lies.

The coil will point in the direction you need to travel to for you to find the metal or object, but in order to do so, always make sure to move around slowly and only to release it when you hear a signal or alert.

The whole unit is waterproof and can be submerged in water. It has two speakers so that you can hear the beep clearly. Otherwise, you can plug in your headphones to keep track of the signals.

What's to like about the INTEY Classic Metal Detector

We like that this unit can discriminate and help you find objects of certain types of metals, so you will have an easier time finding artifacts that have value rather than finding trash or rubbish. The pinpoint function is also a great addition to the unit as it can help guide you in the right direction. Lastly, the unit is designed to be waterproof, which means you can use it in bad weather conditions and even underwater.

What's not to like about the INTEY Classic Metal Detector

This metal detector is recommended for beginner users only because it’s not good for detecting just one source of metal. It also isn’t as accurate as other models on the market, meaning that you really won’t be able to determine if you’re detecting trash or if you’re detecting metal.


  • check
    Multiple modes
  • check
    High sensitivity
  • check
    Pinpoints objects efficiently
  • check
  • check
    Adjustable volume


  • For beginners only

4. Most User-Friendly Metal Detector: Kuman KW30 Metal Detector

The Kuman KW30 Metal Detector is a simple machine that detects metals in the ground through electromagnetic waves. It has a one-button design which allows you to quickly turn the device on and use it without having to change settings.

This unit is explicitly designed to be used in temperatures ranging from -20 to -60 degrees Celsius. The Kuman is also a highly portable and small metal detector, so you can carry it in your bag or pocket and use it whenever you need it.

Product Highlights

This metal detector requires a quick button press, which can instantly help discriminate between metals and pinpoint larger objects. The unit is also designed to be water resistant, which means that you can partially submerge part of the unit into the water without any damage.

This detector can detect various kinds of metals like silver and gold, and the pinpointer can be used indoors, outdoors, and in any other environment. This unit is specifically recommended and designed to be used for coin and jewelry hunting.

What's to like about the Kuman KW30 Metal Detector

We love that this metal detector is tiny and portable. Many other metal detectors on the market tend to be a lot bigger and require you to carry with one or two hands. With this detector, you can store it away in your pocket or bag and pull it out when you need it. The one-button configuration also comes in handy.

What's not to like about the Kuman KW30 Metal Detector

Because of its small size, this metal detector is less likely to pick up on objects that are further away from it. Hence, it can only sense objects that are a few inches away. This is why it’s only good as a beginner metal detector and should not be used by professional treasure hunters.


  • check
    360-degree detection
  • check
    Pinpoints objects efficiently
  • check
    High sensitivity
  • check
    Comes with a LED Light
  • check
    Has vibration indicators
  • check
    One-touch operation


  • Short Range

5. Best Handheld Metal Detector: Dostyle Portable Metal Detector

This Dostyle Portable Metal Detector is a lightweight and portable product designed to be fast acting. It has high sensitivity and is perfectly safe for anyone to use. You can use it to check prohibited goods, metals, school items, and electronic products.

Product Highlights

The Dostyle metal detector has high sensitivity and is fast at detecting any metals that are in the ground. The detecting temperature range is between 15 to 45 degrees Celcius, and the detecting probe will pick up on tiny and hidden objects. It has a sensitivity that can be adjusted for specific objects that you’re trying to detect. There are two types of alerts which you can change, which is either an audible tone or vibration.

What's to like about the Dostyle Portable Metal Detector

The great feature of this product is that it is handheld, which means that you won’t get tired if you’re planning to search for multiple treasures for a couple of hours or going over different terrains. Also, this metal detector is not just great for metal detecting, but also for checking if people are carrying a concealed weapons. We also love that the unit has adjustable detection sensitivity.

What's not to like about the Dostyle Portable Metal Detector

Based on reviews, the only downside that we’ve been able to detect is that this metal detector will not last for a long time because of its small and compact design. The recommended use is only a few hours, and will only work for a few months after you purchase it.


  • check
    High level of sensitivity
  • check
    Adjustable Sensitivity
  • check
    Detects objects quickly
  • check
    Two alternative alerts
  • check
    Three color indicators


  • Short lifespan

Metal Detectors Buyer’s Guide

Listed below is a brief discussion of the things that you need to check for you to be able to buy the type of metal detector that would be best for you and your family.

Detecting Depth

The detecting depth of a metal detector is highly dependent on a few factors. First, it will depend on the soil type and if it’s aerated or compact. If there is a slope, then the ground angle can also affect how well your metal detector would work.

Other factors include the size of the object you’re tracking, type of material, and what the weather conditions are like. Most metal detectors will list the depth at which the machine can track objects, but this is still highly dependent on the factors mentioned above. Depth is usually anywhere from four to eight inches deep into the ground.


Different types of metal detectors are on the market today. A few of them are designed to find particular types of metals and work underneath bodies of water or dry land environments.

There are also three different types of metal detectors based on how they detect objects, and they are beat frequency oscillation, very low-frequency detectors, and pulse induction metal detectors.

Beat frequency oscillation is the most common type of metal detectors. This metal detector is the weakest one you can buy but works well for detecting metals around two feet below ground. Because of this, it’s mainly used by electric shops and for beginners.

The very low-frequency detectors are the most popular metal detectors on the market. They are usually used by professional treasure hunters and are highly accurate. This metal detector detects highly magnetic metals and can track them without any effort at all.

Lastly, pulse induction metal detectors are the newest types of metal detectors on the market. While these detectors are very sensitive and can track almost any object, they aren’t that good at distinguishing between the different types or concentrations of metals. This means that you will detect virtually any object, but they may not be any object of value.


Most metal detectors are powered with batteries. Each company will use a different type of battery, so chances are you’re not going to find one battery that can work for all your metal detectors.

The best option is to buy a pack of rechargeable batteries, this way you won’t have to invest in buying batteries everytime you want to use the machine. Instead, with rechargeable batteries, you can have a constant flow of energy and switch the batteries out when needed.

Signal Frequency

Frequency refers to kHz or the number of electronic waves which are sent into the ground. These waves will then bounce off from the metals and would be detected. Most metal detectors range between 3kHz and 100kHz.

Different frequencies have both pros and cons. Low frequencies can go deeper into the ground than high frequencies, which means that you can detect items that are made out of silver or are larger. High frequencies have shorter wavelengths and are better for finding items of gold or iron.

Operating Voltage

Almost all current metal detectors are designed to use a nine-voltage operating system. If you happen to find another, then you will need to determine how much energy it uses and how you can keep it from draining the batteries.

Gross Weight

The weight of a metal detector depends on what type of metal detector you’re purchasing. If you’re buying a normal metal detector that is designed for adults, then you should expect the gross weight to be around two pounds. If you’re using a handheld metal detector, then you can assume that it’s approximately one pound or less.

The smaller the metal detector, the less range it has to sense objects. Keep this in mind when you’re going to select a metal detector and ask yourself whether you are aiming for portability or functionality.

Metal Detectors FAQs

How do metal detectors work?

Metal detectors work by using electromagnetic waves and then sending wavelengths into the ground at different frequencies, and they will detect anything that bounces off. Generally, metal objects become more energized, allowing the wavelength to bounce back to the detector coil. This, in turn, will alert you if there is an object underneath the ground.

You may need to adjust the sensitivity and frequency settings to different wavelengths if you’re searching for specific types of metals. Either way, you will know when you’re right on top of an item.

What is a good metal detector?

A suitable metal detector will have a range of settings that you can adjust. If you’re looking for the best of the best, you may want to check out the newest models of metal detectors. A lot of them come with custom settings that can help isolate a specific metal or metal concentration; thus, helping you eliminate your chances of picking up trash or other unwanted items.

Also, choose one that is also waterproof as this can help you search items in different weather and environmental conditions. Additionally, if you’re looking for a specific metal, try to find metal detectors that are dedicated to a specific metal.

How deep can metal detectors detect?

The depth detection of metal detectors is going to depend on a few different factors. Most metal detectors can usually sense objects which are a few feet underneath the ground. However, some are only designed to detect a few inches under the ground.

Depending on what type of treasures you’re looking for, you may need to purchase a metal detector that detects either closer to the earth or deeper into it. If you’re looking for gold and other metals, then you should go for a metal detector that can sense metals a few feet beneath the earth. If you’re looking to find jewelry, relics, and other miscellaneous items, then you should get one that only detects a few inches into the earth.

What is a metal detector?

A metal detector is a tool or machine that can help emit specific wavelengths into the ground and detect if any objects are crafted from metal elements. You can use it in various situations, but it’s most commonly used as either a hobby or as a device to help scan people for weapons or any other hazardous objects. Check out the different types of detectors for each specific use.

What can a metal detector detect?

A metal detector is capable of detecting any metal on the planet. You should be aware of the differences between elements and metals. Metals include iron, gold, silver, copper, and brass, and many items are crafted from these metals. Your metal detector may pick up on objects that have a small amount of metal in them, so always make sure to adjust the settings if you want to rule out any cheap or unwanted items.

Final Verdict

As you can see, there are different types of metal detectors that you can choose from. Ultimately, it will all come down to your personal preferences and how long you would use the device.

Nonetheless, for us, the standout product on our list of best metal detectors is the Garrett Pro-Pointer Metal Detector. The reason for this is because it’s waterproof, it can be retuned quickly so that you can detect other objects, and it can be used to identify smaller items. This metal detector also offers you the ability to find some unique objects, and sometimes you’ll even find something rare.

If you’re looking for a metal detector that works well and can be used by anyone, then we highly suggest that Garrett Pro-Pointer.

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